Rent The Runway Comes To Iphone And Ipod Touch With First Ever App

Faster settlement of rent disputes in offing

Users can place rental orders for all items within Rent the Runway’s inventory from over 175 designer brands. The app is designed at launch for iOS 7. (Photo: ) “Our mission remains: to make dressing up as fun, accessible and convenient as possible,” said Jennifer Hyman, CEO and Co-founder, Rent the Runway. “Through our Dress Match feature, users can hone in on a dress or fabric they love and discover all the similar styles they can rent for a fraction of the retail price. It helps answer that “Should I rent or should I buy?” dilemma before even leaving a store.” To utilize Dress Match, users can either take a photo directly on the application or choose an existing photo from the Camera Roll on their iPhone or iPod touch of a dress, a favorite pattern or print, or even a source of inspiration. The app will generate a list of dresses with similar designs from which the user can rent, save to her collection of favorite items, or add to her Shortlist, another key feature of the application. The app’s Shortlist feature gives users the ability to curate their own separate collections of dresses named for their future events, such as “Sarah’s Birthday Party” or “October Charity Gala.” Shortlists can be created in two ways. One, a user can take a style quiz that asks for the event’s dress code and details about their style preferences, and the app will serve up personal recommendations for that event.
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A landlord told XPRESS that he had been trying to evict a tenant for three years. In the present set-up, its not possible to finish .. [read more] a case in a month. And one reason is the notification process through a newspaper. So another question would be: Will the notification process be done away with, where one party involved in a rental dispute does not or never shows up, sometimes on purpose? DLD is one of the state agencies that had proven its ability to innovate.
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It’s Still Cheaper to Buy a Home Than Rent — If You Have the Cash

Home prices and mortgage rates are rising, but they are coming off from such lows that it remains cheaper to buy than rent across the country. Renting vs. Buying: Still, in some cities like San Jose , San Francisco and Honolulu , rising interest rates and increasing home prices are closing the gap on renting versus buying . According to Truilia, buying in Detroit is 65 percent cheaper than renting, but in San Jose, buying is only 4 percent cheaper. The website notes that purchasing a home in San Jose, San Francisco and Honolulu is 10 percent or less cheaper than renting compared to a year ago when it was 24 percent cheaper to buy in Honolulu, 28 percent in San Francisco and 31 percent in San Jose. “The biggest factor narrowing the gap between the cost of buying and the cost of renting are rising mortgage rates, which affect the entire country,” the company said in a report.
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