Net-a-porter And Rent The Runway Founders: Web Innovators, Fashion Democratizers And Stylemakers

‘Bedroom tax’ has left 50,000 people behind in their rent and facing eviction

Bedroon tax rent arrears PA GRAPHIC.jpg

19, 2013 11:30 AM PDT Loading… Ian Gavan/Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Once upon a time, designer fashion was tucked away in the most exclusive reaches of Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive. It was available to super wealthypeople and select few editors who would filter it and eventually trickle it down to the rest of us in the pages of glossy monthly magazinesin which we could discover our fantasies but never quite participate. And then came along a new generation of web-based innovators that completely changed the game. Ready to Rock: Former fashion editor Natalie Massenet launched the high-end shopping site Net-a-Porter, with a sleek and chic look inspired by the format of a magazine glossy.
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Natalie Massenet, Jennifer Fleiss, Jennifer Hyman

Scroll down for video Policy: The ‘spare room subsidy’, to use its official name, reduces housing benefit for those who have more bedrooms than they need The Department for Work and Pensions dismissed the significance of the findings and defended ‘a necessary reform to return fairness to housing benefit’. ‘It is just wrong to suggest the early stages of the policy – as people start to adjust to the changes – represent long-term trends in any way whatsoever,’ a spokesman said. ‘We are carefully monitoring the policy nationally ensuring the extra funds to support vulnerable tenants are used well as these changes are introduced.’ Row: TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady says bedroom tax ‘is pushing up rent arrears which will force councils to waste more cash on evictions’ But False Economy said the early figures were likely to be on the low side as emergency funds supplied to town halls to ease the burden would quickly dry up and leave more with no help. Campaign manager Clifford Singer said: ‘Together with the raft of other benefits cuts the Government has forced through both this year and previously, the bedroom tax is driving property management jobs in maryland tenants and families who were just making ends meet into arrears, and pushing those who were already struggling with the cost of living into a full-blown crisis. TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady added: ‘The bedroom tax is not saving money. Instead it is pushing up rent arrears which will force councils to waste more cash on evictions, debt collection and emergency support for homeless families.
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